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Business Plan Sample Can Use
Business Plan

Business Plan Sample Can Use

A business sample is a document that helps you organize your thoughts and ideas about starting or growing a business. Many people think of a business plan as the blueprint for their company’s future. The actual scope of a good business plan can vary widely, but it should always provide information about:

Executive Summary

An executive summary is a one-page summary of your business plan sample. It should be a brief overview of the plan, not a detailed review of all the points. It should include your vision, mission, and strategy. You can use this section to explain why you have chosen this particular market, who your target customers are and what they want from you, how much capital you need to start up your business, and how much revenue it will generate in its first year or two (if possible).

Company Description

A company description is a brief overview of your company. It should include the business’s mission and future goals, as well as what makes it unique. In addition to being informative, this section should also be engaging so that readers are interested in learning more about your business.

For example: “Our mission is to provide high-quality products at affordable prices by focusing on customer service.” Or: “Our goal is to become one of the leading online retailers for home goods by offering an extensive selection of products at competitive prices.”

Market Analysis and Competition

The next section of your business plan sample should be devoted to a market analysis and competitive analysis. This is where you’ll examine the industry in which your company operates, as well as its competitors.

You can use this section to:

  • Identify the overall size of your target market (i.e., how many people are likely to buy from you)
  • Break down that market into specific segments (such as age groups or geographic areas) that are relevant to your product or service
  • Describe how much money each segment spends on products like yours

Industry Analysis and Trends

Industry analysis and trends are important to understand the current state of the market. Understanding your competitors, customers, and industry trends can help you determine where there are opportunities for your business. It will also help you identify which products or services are most likely to succeed in your market.

The first step in conducting an industry analysis is determining what makes up your industry: what products or services do most businesses offer? Which segments of customers do they target? How many firms compete within each segment? You should also find out how each firm competes with one another (e.g., price competition) as well as their pricing strategies (e.g., high-end vs low-end).


We hope that this business plan sample has been helpful in giving you an overview of what a business plan should look like. If you’re still not sure where to start, then check out our guide on how to write a business plan. It will walk you through the entire process step by step so that even if you don’t have experience writing them before now, it won’t matter at all!